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Oaks Formation

Oaks Formation

Why did we found Oaks?

“ Students need nothing else but a wise counsel for their future ” – everyone agrees!

This is what we, the counselors and founders of Oaks overseas, learnt in our very satisfying 12 plus years of journey in the field of overseas education. The trend however that is visible around on the ground is that SENIOR COUNSELLORS rarely and barely have their word in the consulting industry. It is the capitalists all the way. Profit motives thus supersede everything. This is where we wanted to bring a difference: the entire office shall be run only by the COUNSELLORS of the highest order. Knowledge and wisdom are the only OPERATIVE WORDS with us. Oaks are ingrained deep with these values.

About Us

We were/are/will be proud counselors for life. Our love for the art and science of COUNSELLING makes us tireless as far as investigative effort is concerned. We refresh ourselves every moment thus. Possible BEST COUNSEL to the students is thus assured from every office that is part of Oaks overseas.

Therefore we translated our entire imagination as following:

Our Vision

Education builds a healthy and a progressive planet. Overseas education delivers global citizens who think beyond the narrow barriers that exist in our societies. Our vision is to therefore facilitate almost every student explore the possibility of studying overseas for the sake of a better world.

Our Mission

We strive achieving it through extensive efforts to educate students both in offices and outside in the class rooms.