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Top Reasons to Study in Lithuania
  • Lithuania officially the Republic of Lithuania, is a country in Northern Europe. It is situated along the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea, to the east of Sweden and Denmark.
  • Lithuania is divided into 10 counties.
  • Population is 2.8 Million.
  • The climate is relatively mild.
  • The country boasts a well-developed modern infrastructure of railways, airports and four-lane highways.
  • Lithuania has an extensive network of motorways
Lithuanian is the official and predominant spoken language in Lithuania.
  • Euro is the official currency of Lithuania.

Some of the famous cities in Lithuania are:











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Why Study in Lithuania?
  • Quality Education Every year 40,000 international students head for Lithuania to enjoy one of the most unique experiences International graduate education has to offer.
  • Hall of Residence by Lithuanian Universities All universities offer the opportunity of living in a hall of residence. Some of the halls of residence are situated near the universities. Usually, the residents of the hall share common showers and kitchen area. Students share their room with one or two others. This is offset by a comparatively low cost of living Expect the rent to be about 50-100 Euros a month.
  • No IELTS/TOEFL IELTS/TOEFL not mandatory for admission but having the same will have a positive impact on VISA outcome.
  • Part time Job Students can work up to 20 hours/ week. Also 3 months full time work during holidays.
  • Schengen Visa The student will be issued a Schengen Visa to go to Lithuania but can travel to all the Schengen countries as well.
  • Stay back 1 year (after completion of Bachelor’s or Master’s degree)
Courses in Lithuania
  • Courses Taught in English Lithuanian Universities charge very minimal tuition fees from International students and offer Master programs exclusively taught in English.
  • Employment Course-related placements may be available for Science, Engineering, Technology and Applied Arts Courses.
  • Internship opportunities in Multinational Companies Professional internships in Management, Technology, Education and Development are available from 6 weeks to 18 months through Universities.

Intakes- Fall (September) and Spring