Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Study in Canada: Position in the International Educational Milieu

Hosting nearly 0.5 million international students, Canada is known to offer high-quality education at affordable costs with degrees and certifications that are recognised globally. On top of it, an excellent quality of life, immense post-study work and immigration opportunities make Canada a popular country to study among students.

Canada consistently ranks as among the best countries with respect to its standard of living and is currently the best country with respect to the quality of life. It provides students with internationally recognized education from top academics and educators in the world.

The benefits for overseas students studying in Canada are many. Whether you choose to study in large, vibrant cities or select a small campus, your experience will shape your life, and may lead to a career and future in Canada, or—at the very least—better career prospects at home.

Advantages of a Canadian education

    • On a path to a promising future: Canadian college/university students graduate with a high earning potential as a Canadian education positions them for a successful future and rewarding career. Canada has created 1.6 million new jobs/job profiles for graduates in the last decade.
    • Affordable study and living costs: Canadian Universities are known to have some of the lowest tuition fees among English-speaking countries. Students will find something that fits their needs in the diverse range of education options regardless of budget.
    • Quality education: Canada is recognized worldwide for its outstanding quality of education (from elementary to post-secondary studies). Canadian educators are highly trained and introduce diverse perspectives into the classroom. Impressively, at the university level, two out of every five academics hold at least one international degree, and Canada is home to 10 of the top 250 universities in the world.
    • Safety: Canada is one of the safest countries to study in and Canadian Universities pay a lot of attention to the safety of students on campus.
    • Innovative SchoolNet program: Canada was the first country that linked its schools and libraries to the internet via its innovative SchoolNet program. Among the G8 countries, Canada ranks 2nd in terms of internet-penetration rates and Wi-Fi is accessible virtually everywhere.
    • Work experience: The Canadian government offers a work program that enables students with diploma from a Canadian post-secondary school to gain work experience. This is an excellent means for students to continuing living in Canada, while developing and diversifying their professional skills.


Return on Investment

  • The high cost with respect to time and money for higher education pays off for most individuals, and in most areas. Each year of schooling increases an individual’s earning by an average of approximately 10%. Individuals with a 4-year undergraduate degree can expect to be paid—on average—40% more over their lifetime than individuals with a high school education; those with a 2-year college certificate earn—on average—20% more. However, there is variation in these projections depending on the field of study, years of study, gender, occupation, province, and other individual characteristics.
  • In higher-paying fields, such as medicine, engineering, business, and law, students can expect approximately 15% returns; in fine arts, returns are closer to 5%. Though the rates of return generally tend to decline with advanced degrees, they are solidly positive for most Master’s programs, especially MBAs. Further, more recently, the PhD payoffs also seem to be rising.
  • A Bachelor’s degree from a Canadian institution is worth $750,000 extra and a post-graduate degree—from the same—is more than $1 million extra.
  • Graduates with Canadian degrees are among the most employable in the world (as per QS Graduate Employability Rankings).


Something for the Indian students

  • Diverse universities with diverse tuition fees



  • September–December/early January (Fall/September intake)
  • January–May (Winter/January intake)
  • May-August (Summer-Spring/May intake)


Most popular courses

  • Telecommunication
  • Digital Media
  • Biotechnology
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • MBA (with specialization in Big Data or Analytics)
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Business & Finance
  • Core Engineering & Engineering Management
  • Physical & Earth Sciences and Renewable Energy
  • Biosciences, Medicine & Healthcare
  • Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science & Analytics
  • Psychology & Human Resources



Scholarships are one of the best ways to save some extra money before going to university. Canada provides a range of scholarships for international students, although there are individual sponsors as well. Scholarships in Canada can be divided into two parts.

Non-Government Scholarships: Scholarships are one of the best ways to save some extra money before going to university. Canada provides a range of scholarships for international students, although there are individual sponsors as well. Scholarships in Canada can be divided into two parts.

  • FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship
  • University of Saskatchewan International Student Awards
  • York University International Student Scholarships
  • University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students
  • Lester B. Pearson International Scholarships
  • Carleton Prestige Scholarships
  • Calgary International Entrance Scholarships
  • Winnipeg President’s Scholarships for World Leaders
  • Humber College International Entrance Scholarships
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS)
  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships
  • The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships (UMGF)
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships
  • University of Waterloo Master’s Awards of Excellence
  • University of Calgary Graduate Awards
  • UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award
  • Science and Law School Scholarship

Government Scholarships: As the name suggests, these scholarships are put together by The Canadian government (both provincial and central) for international students.

  • PEO International Peace Scholarships for Women
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships
  • Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship


Safety and Health

Many countries around the world are experiencing a second wave of COVID-19, resulting in tighter restrictions and local lockdowns. Universities in Canada are welcoming back students and staff to a high-quality educational experience. Canadian universities are well prepared and have robust plans in place to ensure that students can stay and study in a safe environment.



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  • Permanent residence for Canada
  • Dependent visas for Canada
  • Visit visas to Canada
  • Tier 4 student visa
  • Tier 2 student visa
  • Tier 5 options
  • Study Permit
  • Educational loan for study in Canada


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