Study in Europe

Study in Europe

Study in Europe: Position in the International Educational Milieu

Europe offers world-class education to overseas students with high-quality Master’s programmes in almost all fields of study and provides one of a kind experience in terms of living conditions, soft skills, and travel. The academic experience one gets in Europe is very different than that one gets in the United States. Universities in Europe offer a broad selection of Master’s degrees. Additionally, students can also choose to join programmes like Erasmus to get a full international exchange experience. Living in Europe for a year or two would improve your career path and broaden your view of the world. Importantly, Europe has devised a quality assurance scheme that covers all European higher education courses.

Return on Investment

  • Europe is home to some of the most prominent educational institutions in the world. European courses will provide you with an education that is valued and respected by employers around the world.
  • European courses will provide you with an education that is valued and respected by employers around the world.


Something for the Indian students

  • Higher education institutions based in Europe offer multiple study programmes in English
  • There are varied institutions that provide education at an affordable tuition fee
  • Widely available international scholarships


Study in Europe Project

Study in Europe is an EU project that aims to showcase what Europe has to offer to international students in terms of higher education. It provides information about funding study and research in Europe. This project helps connect European higher education organisations with potential students.

Study in Europe provides information about educational opportunities in 33 European countries, which participate in Erasmus+.


Most popular courses

  • Data Sciences & Business Analytics
  • Product Design & Development
  • Architecture, Sustainable / Urban Development
  • Manufacturing & Construction
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Life Science, Biotechnology, Food Science, Genetics, Pharma, Psychology & more
  • Public Health, Social Work & more
  • Computer Science & Information Technology
  • Engineering (Chemical, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Electrical, Electronics, Communication & more)
  • Natural sciences, Mathematics, Statistics & more
  • Business & MBA
  • Education
  • Arts & Humanities
  • PhD


Safety and Health

Many countries around the world are experiencing tighter restrictions and local lockdowns due to COVID-19 surges. Countries in Europe are contributing to the global effort to manage the virus and to develop a vaccine. Different European countries have different regulations for overseas students and not just with respect to the vaccination certificates provided in their home countries.

International students are subject to the same travel restrictions and quarantine/testing stipulations as all other third-country nationals. EU Member States and many non-EU OECD countries have adopted policies that discourage physical presence on campuses (with a few exceptions, i.e., laboratory work in smaller groups, practicals in medicine, mid-term examinations that could not be conducted remotely). Most EU Member States have allowed overseas students

who were admitted to study prior to the pandemic but returned home to continue their studies online. Some EU Member States have provided state-funded social security (or other support systems) for financially disadvantaged international students in the form of scholarships/bursaries.



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Our comprehensive guide ensures that the students’ desire to study abroad is fulfilled in the most effective manner possible. We help students select where they want to study, the courses that are the best for them based on their budget, interest, and time at hand and guide them in making applications.

OAKS OVERSEAS takes care of a cache of formalities, visa, and work-related issues; these include (but are not restricted to) the following:

  • Visas
  • EU Blue Card
  • Assist for gaining Work in Europe (both full-time and part time)
  • Permanent residency in European countries


Importantly, OAKS OVERSEAS provides the latest visa updates for Indian nationals, thereby ensuring that individuals who avail our services are afforded the latest information in terms of international regulations, resulting in their making the best decisions regarding their careers.

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