Study in Ireland

Study in Ireland

Study in Ireland: Position in the International Educational Milieu

Ireland offers students the best of both worlds, i.e., a vibrant urban lifestyle and a green countryside. Extensive selection of courses, world-class institutions, and abundant work opportunities make Ireland an ideal destination for overseas students. Ireland is a technology hub with many prominent companies basing their European headquarters there. Thus, students studying in Ireland would be assured of a holistic experience that is not just restricted to studies.

Advantages of an Ireland education

  • A GRE score is not required: Irish Universities accept students even without a GRE score.
  • Study gaps do not matter: As long as students have a good explanation for the gap between the time of application and their last academic year, study gaps do not matter.
  • Low cost: Compared to the cost of studying in the UK, USA, or Australia, a degree from an Irish institute costs lesser.
  • Highly quality education: Students pursuing an MS degree from Irish institutions reported high satisfaction with their academic experience. All MS degrees from Irish Universities are of one year in duration, and students are trained to enter the workforce within an year.
  • Part-time opportunities while studying: International students can work for up to 20 hours a week while they study.
  • High employment rates: Employment rates are at an all-time high in Ireland. Employment figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) reveal that the country is in full employment mode.


Return on Investment

  • Employers across the world welcome graduates with degrees and certifications from Ireland as they are assured of their practical skills, academic qualifications, and ability to think creatively and critically. From the time they graduate, students with Ireland degrees and certifications are ready to take their place in the global jobs market.


Something for the Indian students

  • Diverse universities with diverse tuition fee structures
  • No need of a GRE score
  • 100% visa approval: As India and Ireland share cordial relations, there is less than 5% chance of the visa of an Indian student to get rejected



  • September
  • January


Most popular courses

  • Computer Science
  • IT
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Management and Business Analytics



Scholarships enable students to save some extra money before going to university. Ireland provides a range of scholarships for international students.

  • Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships Programme sponsored by the Higher Education Authority (HEA)
  • The Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme
  • Scholarships by the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS)


Safety and Health

Many countries around the world are experiencing second wave of COVID-19, resulting in tighter restrictions and local lockdowns. The Ireland government has expressed an interest in welcoming back overseas students. Irish higher education institutions are gearing up to welcome new and returning students.



OAKS OVERSEAS helps students by connecting them with experienced counsellors who can support them throughout their journey (right from search to enrolment). As one of the South India's leading overseas education consultants, we understand the wants and needs of aspiring students. The extensive footprint of OAKS OVERSEAS in the field overseas consulting is a testament in itself to its dedication to supporting individuals wishing to study and/or work in Ireland to achieve their dreams, and OAKS OVERSEAS takes great pride in its endeavours to bring individuals closer to their dreams.

Our comprehensive guide ensures that the students’ desire to study abroad is fulfilled in the most effective manner possible. We help students select where they want to study, the courses that are the best for them based on their budget, interest, and time at hand and guide them in making applications. We also help professionals identify the best way to enter Ireland, while simultaneously ensuring their financial safety and targeting their career growth.

OAKS OVERSEAS takes care of a cache of formalities, visa, and work-related issues; these include (but are not restricted to) the following:

  • Short stay visas (apply online) A short stay 'C' visa is for 90 days or less
  • Long stay visas (apply online) A long stay 'D' visa is for more than 90 days
  • Re-entry visas
  • Transit visas
  • Multiple-entry and single-entry visas
  • Irish Residence Permit


Importantly, OAKS OVERSEAS provides the latest visa updates for Indian nationals, thereby ensuring that individuals who avail our services are afforded the latest information in terms of international regulations, resulting in their making the best decisions regarding their careers.

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